R leg before Treatment

Walking was difficult 




After treatment

With swelling reduced, venous insufficiency is more evident.  She now walked around the grocery store to do her shopping.

Left leg before treatment

This leg had numerous infections prior to treatment



After treatment

Much improved.  Darkened skin is due to venous insufficiency.



The Tools and Results

Arm Before Treatment

Arm Before Lymphedema Treatment

Compression sleeve had worn out so she returned for treatment and a new sleeve.

Hand before treatment

Hand swelling was hardened and stiffened the hand.



Arm After Treatmen

Arm has lost 3 cm in several places and ready for a compression sleeve



Measured and Fit with New Elvarex Flat Knit Sleeve controls edema very well.

Sleeve fits great and she was out of wraps and bandaging.



Scaly, woody-hardened skin and swollen leg
After 1 treatment, leg is much less red (both same colour on evaluation) and less swollen
Left leg continues to reduce after 3 treatments, right leg untreated at this point
Treatment begins on right leg and is reduced after one bandaging session
Night time compression for arm
Nighttime compression for little feet..left one has compression right one does not

Adult Leg Nighttime Compression

Custom Fit compression stockings
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