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I was referred to Kathe by a wound care nurse. I had surgery and the incision took a long time to close. Kathe taught me how to bandage my leg so I didn't have to come in and see her so often as I work. She has helped me keep the swelling down through a second surgery. Kathe was very helpful in finding me a physician who specializes in treating my condition to determine if it is genetic.  I still call her with questions even though I am not seeing her currently.

-A. D. Beaverton OR



Kathe is a miracle worker.  I had lymphedema as a result of emergency abdominal surgery for strangled bowel.  I was suffering from short bowel syndrome, a rare condition that was not well understood by most physicians.  Kathe provided expert, effective massage therapy, and very helpful advice for day-to-day management of my condition. She took it upon herself to research my condition, and provided me with both on-line resources and advice.  Perhaps most importantly, Kathe was upbeat and optimistic. I had seen other lymphedema therapists before Kathe, who had all told me that I would have the condition the rest of my life and that I needed to learn to live with it.  However, thankfully my lymphedema has abated. I attribute the improvement to Kathe's skillful and intuitive massage technique, and to her unfailingly sympathetic and helpful approach.  She is one of a kind.

S.B. Porttland OR



Kathe Hotz recently completed my lymphedema treatment. I accomplished much better results from Ms. Hotz than I had done in the two prior rounds of therapy. Ms. Hotz listened to my concerns and needs. Her willingness to work with my schedule and work responsibilities allowed me to succeed in therapy. She varied the wrapping and tapping as needed to acquire specific results. She spotted and massaged scar tissue to allow drainage. Kathe found the appropriate garment for my arm and hand after I had been given the wrong size and I am able to maintain what we achieved in therapy. She has recommended lifestyle adaptations that will let me manage my lymphedema more effectively. I am very pleased with my progress and would highly recommend Kathe Hotz for lymphedema therapy.

-D.T. Beaverton-Hillsboro, OR


After being diagnosed with lipedema last summer, I was blessed to find Kathe.  At first I felt overwhelmed with all the new information, but under her care, she taught me how to manage my condition and patiently answered my many questions. She also directed me to many other helpful resources, such as doctors, support groups, and compression garment distributors.  After a six week course of compression wrapping  and lymphatic massage, my lower legs were significantly improved and the swelling was reduced by 3 cm in each leg.  Kathe's positive and caring attitude really made a difference in working through what can be a discouraging diagnosis.  She truly has the heart of a teacher, and is a gifted healer.  -- H.R Beaverton OR


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