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Lymphedema Solutions NW is a unique treatment clinic that focuses our attention within the lymphedema community.  Our "spa-like" therapy center allows a soothing, comfortable, setting that allows us to focus on what's important, and what's important is you.  We specifically treat lymphedema, lipedema, chronic venous insufficiency, Dercums disease, and lymphatic surgeries.   We also treat lipedema post liposuction with ongoing lipedema treatment issues.


Treatment programs are designed  and customized specifically for you and will receive one-on-one personal care without other patients being treated simultaneously.   We use the gold standard treatment techniques decongestive lymphatic massage (to reduce the lymphedema/lipedema/dercums tissue), the reduction phase, develop an a custom exercise program you can do despite physical limitations and recommendation of  compression  to maintain what is achieved during the treatment.  Restoring hope by restoring health. 


Currently  we do not have the capacity to treat post cosmetic liposuction clients who are looking only for lymphatic massage at this time.



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